Cashew Nuts

Large Roasted Cashews are whole nuts that have been lightly toasted! Plump, crunchy, firm cashews are buttery, creamy, and nutty in flavor; ideal for snacking, baking, or cooking applications. Buy cashews by the pound, kilo, or case to keep your cupboard well-stocked with this pantry essential! Conveniently pack portion controlled baggie’s to store your car, backpack, and desk with this healthy and delicious snack!

HEALTH BENEFITS: The 411 on cashews!
Not only are cashews delicious, but they are also packed with incredible nutrition! Here are the facts:
- High in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats
- Cholesterol-free, sodium-free
- Low in carbohydrates
- Excellent source of protein and iron

CULINARY TWIST: From savory to sweet!
Love breaded foods but hate the fat and calories? Pulse cashews in a food processor until finely ground and use as a healthy "breading” alternative! You can also add a handful of chopped cashews to salads, stir fry, grain dishes, yogurt, granola, and more! Here’s something fun to try at your next holiday party or gathering – cashew brittle and cashew-chocolate bark! Use a classic brittle-making recipe but replace the suggested nut with your cashews! Use the same principal to create cashew bark with the chocolate of your choice! Add nuts, dried fruit, or candy to create festive, original, and delectable combinations to give as gifts or to serve at your next party!

ABOUT CASHEWS: Did you know?
Cashews aren’t actually nuts – they’re seeds! They grow on cashew apples (shaped like pears!), on a tropical evergreen called the cashew tree. The cashew apple is a fruit that is used to make sweet fruit drinks or liquors.